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Even dumb people can travel in Southeast Asia

Thailand & Bali have been the easiest & safest place I ever traveled to in my life. I know this may sound strange if you have never been there, but all you need is two brain cells & a bit a of cash (obviously… just saying in case you’re stupid!). Alright, alright, I see you coming: yes, some areas of Southeast Asia can be tough to travel to (looking at you Papua New Guinea!).

I met an incredible amount of backpackers who had no idea what they were doing: they came with nothing but some cash & the hope they didn’t need to apply for visa before arrival. It’s baffling how easy things are, the only twist is: you need time.

Oh yeah, almost anything you want can happen but you will have to increase your patience & improve your negotiating skills. A “yes” will sometimes mean “no” or “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand” or something different. You will learn that as you go along.

But let’s talk facts, there are a few things you are mainly worrying about when traveling: accommodation, transportation, and food. And for all these topics, Thailand and Bali are incredibly simple. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to book anything regarding accommodation. You can just turn up to a town & you will most likely get a better deal than anything you have seen online. For transportation? you will always find a taxi-motorbike, a tuk-tuk, a taxi, a boat, a plane or any other form of transport to take you almost anywhere. Food is the same, it’s just everywhere, it’s like people spend time eating…or cooking, either way I’m not sure.

Finally, all these things cost a tiny fraction of what you would pay back home. Which makes your life extremely simple as you don’t have to think much whenever doing anything. It’s a holiday, even for your mind.

How many young, adventurous, careless backpackers go to Southeast Asia to travel every year? Hundreds of thousands probably. And how many do actually get major issues? not that many. You know what people really worry about here? Having a motorbike accident. Well, that’s a very good sign I believe (although scary regarding bikes) as people are not worrying about getting mugged or else as they would do in so many places around the world.

I can go anywhere with my laptop & smartphone, no-one would ever try to steal them. I can go in a cafe & carelessly leave my things at my table while I’m going to the toilet. I can go to the beach & leave everything on its own while I’m having a swim. These would be foolish behaviours in many places, but here it’s fine.

You know what an Indonesian guy replied to me when I told him to be very careful with his belongings when going to Paris? He said “I have to hide my valuables like it’s drug! What’s wrong with your country?”. Well, I don’t know the answer about that, but I know one thing: I will enjoy safety, nice people, sun & all the rest here for a little while longer 😉

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