Road trip

Van life for beginners

Last updated: 19th August, 2017Disclosure Before heading for van life, I must share my opinion about it after owning a van for one year. In short: the van owns you more than you own it. Owning such vehicle means spending a lot of money, time and energy. Police, insurances, mechanics/maintenance, garage, breakdowns, parking fines, accidents, […]


Best flight search engines & websites

Last updated: 19th August, 2017Looking for a cheap flight to escape the winter or flee your country coz your new president is a douchebag?Well, here are a few links to help you reach that goal without ruining yourself: flight search engines, unusual websites & much more. The more flexible you are with your travel dates […]

Annapurna Circuit

How to trek the Annapurna circuit

Last updated: 19th October, 2016As many travelers coming back from months of adventures around Asia say: trekking in the Himalayas is one of the most unforgettable experience you can have. The landscapes of the Himalayas, its many 6’000+ meters surreal mountains, and remote “stuck in time” altitude villages will leave you breathless. All the information […]

Travel gear

Travel gear for backpackers & long term travelers

Last updated: 24th March, 2017You probably don’t know exactly what you need for traveling until that moment when you actually are missing that item. Each person has different tastes, opinions & “dependencies” regarding what is essential. Here is my biased input on the topic. Note that I like technical & convenient stuff. Remember that some […]

Java and Bali

Bali and Java in a few weeks

Last updated: 2nd September, 2016I decided to write this post after emailing far too many people regarding tips on Bali and Java. SIM card Get a “Simpati” SIM card on arrival. It’s around 5€ for 4GB of data. From then on, you’re pretty relax to do your online research, use Google map & so on. […]

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit

Trekking and traveling in Nepal in 2016

Last updated: 23rd March, 2017Trekking hike in the Himalayas always sounded like an epic adventure. So epic that it also felt very intimidating, even after meeting people who had done it themselves. The earthquake of April 2015 and the recent fuel & gas shortage (because of Indian blockade) adding more confusion to the challenge. “Is […]

Southeast Asia map

Even dumb people can travel in Southeast Asia

Last updated: 9th June, 2016Thailand & Bali have been the easiest & safest place I ever traveled to in my life. I know this may sound strange if you have never been there, but all you need is two brain cells & a bit a of cash (obviously… just saying in case you’re stupid!). Alright, […]

Bangkok skyscrapers at night

Start your endless trip from a cheap global city

Last updated: 23rd March, 2017You can begin your limitless travel adventures in a cheap international city. From there you can buy all the gear (you think ;]) you need, start planning & gently adapt to the local culture. This “recipe” applies to whoever plans to leave home for a very long time: long-term travellers, digital […]

Ugilgied laptop closed - top

Travel tip: uglify your gear

Last updated: 23rd March, 2017Worried about being robbed when traveling? Well, that’s a very legitimate concern & one clever way to lower the chances of getting your precious devices robbed is to “uglify” them! What does “uglify” mean? Make whatever you want to protect look cheap & old (worn out): a sort of camouflage to […]