Annapurna Circuit

How to trek the Annapurna circuit

Last updated: 19th October, 2016As many travelers coming back from months of adventures around Asia say: trekking in the Himalayas is one of the most unforgettable experience you can have. The landscapes of the Himalayas, its many 6’000+ meters surreal mountains, and remote “stuck in time” altitude villages will leave you breathless. All the information […]

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit

Trekking and traveling in Nepal in 2016

Last updated: 23rd March, 2017Trekking hike in the Himalayas always sounded like an epic adventure. So epic that it also felt very intimidating, even after meeting people who had done it themselves. The earthquake of April 2015 and the recent fuel & gas shortage (because of Indian blockade) adding more confusion to the challenge. “Is […]

Landscape on the Annapurna circuit - All rights reserved

GPS navigation and track recording with your iPhone

Last updated: 8th June, 2016I prepared for my first long trek by exploring options regarding GPS navigation and track recording. I knew a few friends using their phone when going mountain biking so I thought it should be also possible for hiking. I quickly found out that iPhone had an app called “MotionX GPS” doing […]

Underwater Rugby: fighting for the ball

Underwater rugby is such a fun sport

Last updated: 8th June, 2016It’s not a joke, underwater rugby is a real sport (read full article on Wikipedia). It even has world championships featuring teams from Norway, Italy, Colombia & more. Note that it’s also abbreviated UWR for UnderWater Rugby. I bumped into it while going to my local swimming pool to try Apnea. […]