Best flight search engines & websites

Looking for a cheap flight to escape the winter or flee your country coz your new president is a douchebag?Well, here are a few links to help you reach that goal without ruining yourself: flight search engines, unusual websites & much more.

The more flexible you are with your travel dates the better.

Be aware that if you buy connecting flights yourself (not as part of a one-time payment), you might want to add 24+ hours between these flights.

Note that I have not yet used all these services. In any doubt, I recommend asking feedback from previous customers on or other online travel forums.

You don’t need a return flight. You need a proof of onward travel though: a ticket proving you will leave the country (by air, land, or sea). A couple of links below will help you for that 😉

I almost forgot: I you really want to flee your country, you may want to become a digital nomad 😉

Enough talking, let’s get down to business.

Unusual flight search websites – lets you search for any destination given an departure city & a budget – allows 30 days search – client app to search flights – articles warning you about special deals – i.e. both ways Europe to Southeast Asia for 200€ (recommended by my friend Chris) – emails you when an airline makes a mistake or offers a great sale (again recommended by my friend Chris) – “Add stopovers to your flights to discover the world” – “The ultimate travel hack. Fly on standby”

Regular search engines

People finding incredible flight & travel deals for you

Around-the-world tickets (RTW)


Star Alliance

OneWorld and also (Firefox only)


You might want to check how flexible are around-the-world ticket regarding flight dates:

Fake proof of onward travel – app to claim refunds on late/cancelled flights, up to 3 years old flights 🙂

Track your reward miles

Based in Europe?

Then you might want to consider:

  • The Canary Islands
    • Tapas, Sangria, Tasty food, reminds you something?
    • Famous for its water sports
    • Its fast internet, nice culture, easy language & safety are some of the reasons that made it so popular Digital Nomad community
    • Speaks: Spanish
  • Cape Verde
  • The south of Morocco
    • Essaouira & Agadir are very nice seaside cities offering activities such as surfing, kitesurfing
    • Speaks: Arabic & French

All these places have warm, if not summery weather (Cape Verde). They are very affordable places to travel to from Europe.


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