Blog status

Expect regular posts & the design to get better (it’s a work in progress!).

I have stopped in the digital nomads’ world capital to get this started, so no excuse anymore: I’ll get a few things done!

Are you serious?

Yes and no.

I want to share with you insightful information & experiences. Write pragmatic articles that you can actually use.

However, I also want you to enjoy fun & easy topics for you to relax in a small moment of your (stressful?) day. So expect a few witty articles here and there. Don’t get too upset by my Frenchness, some articles may just be a bit provocative and will have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Upcoming topics

Truth is, I’m still unsure what this website (bog I suppose) will be limited to. Themes will include: traveling, technology, expatriation, unusual hobbies, nature, and languages.

Reasons for this blog

This is mainly starting now because I am traveling in southeast Asia & want to kill many birds with one stone: share my experience, document this journey, learn from it, network through it, and maybe even help me finance this trip.

I have read a LOT about the digital nomad lifestyle (with curiosity & jealousy). I love taking part into online collaborative tools (forums, wikis, & more). So starting to contribute via a blog during this trip seemed like a logical next step. I hope to benefit from this blog in ways I have not even discovered yet. I am excited to experiment the “blogging adventure”, let’s see where it leads.

Behind the scene

This is a one man team but I’m already thinking about getting more people involved. Note that I will not show a “clear” picture of myself nor my full name for now as I would like to keep a degree of personal privacy… Although it seems like I’m already crossing the “privacy line” by creating this very blog.